Marion and Microorganisms

The vast majority of people suffer from the idea that both the external and internal environment of the human body is clean and free of unwanted microorganisms. And if some of them do get in from the outside, they need to be killed with antibiotics. This is a complete misconception that results in the cause of failures in the treatment of chronic diseases.

There are 1-2 kg of different microorganisms living in our body, among which there are many dangerous species. The entire Euro-American microflora, essential for the immune system, lives in our digestive tract alone. People are born with some microorganisms and become infected with others during their lives. However, the cause of the vast majority of diseases is hidden infections that disrupt the functioning of the organs by their presence, often in combination with microorganisms in the nervous system. They are the cause of immunity management disorders, as well as psychological and other diseases.

This is a very difficult idea to understand, but understanding this phenomenon is essential. One can easily conceive that there are animals, insects, or large parasites or worms around. Microorganisms are invisible to the eye, but we live in their world. In the world of microorganisms!

There are billions of them around us and inside us! Some are adapted to exist in the human body. They reproduce in it, they survive there. Hidden from the immune system, they damage the body by their existence. The toxins they secrete deprive the body of energy.

Many of the concepts from traditional Chinese medicine are actually expressions of the action of microorganisms, which, however, were unknown at that time. They didn't know how to name them. However, they knew very well the relationships between organs.

As we have already mentioned, hidden microorganisms reproduce and spread to other parts of the organism. They gradually occupy and damage immunity control centres, centres for psychic phenomena, blood vessels, nerves, in fact everything in the human body. Commonly available immunological tests will not show them. They don't stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies, antibiotics cannot handle them. Complex and expensive tests mapping the genetic footprints of microorganisms are unavailable.

Of course, one would expect that if microorganisms are behind everything, people can get rid of eczema, allergies, asthma and many other ailments immediately. Yes, they can. However, it is more important to prevent them. Early use of Marion products or the Marion instrument is the perfect prevention! Or as one of the many folk sayings states, "It is better to drink in time than to start digging a well at the moment we are thirsty."