Marion and Immunity

People live in a hostile world, not only in terms of territorial or religious adversaries. They also live in a hostile world full of micro-organisms, foreign proteins (pollen, mites, feathers, hair), a world of dust and increasingly diverse chemicals. Without a functioning immune system, people would probably survive only a few days or hours.

The immune system is only one. It is responsible for ensuring that everything unwanted in the human organism is destroyed and gets out, outside the body. The largest immune organ is the skin. An ingenious living shell that protects the organism from everything that's outside and mustn't get in.

The cells and substances of the immune system protect the person perfectly, but only in theory. In practice, the functionality of the immune system very often fails. Acute bacterial or viral infections, allergies, autoimmune diseases, malignant tumours, all these can be primarily classified as impairments of its function. How is this possible? After all, the immune system only fails in cases such as AIDS or blood and lymphatic diseases. The snag is in the regulation of the whole system. There are centres in our brain that collect information that is very important for the behaviour of the whole immune system. For example, how do we react to a pollen grain that has landed on the nasal mucosa? A healthy immune system can handle such a situation without any problem. If the brain's immune response control centre is not in order, it reacts with a massive production of histamine and then an allergic reaction occurs.

We can also find, for example, a centre for atopic reaction or autoimmune programme in the brain. An even more serious problem is the malfunction of the brain's cancer cell control centre. However, a well-functioning tumour immunity centre monitors the appearance of even a single tumor cell and immediately sends out information to destroy it. Consequently, any failure of this centre has fatal consequences, as one cell can quickly grow into millions.

Simply put, the brain's hidden microorganism control centre = the control centre for all microorganisms living in our body. A decline in this control is then a critical factor in the development of chronic disease.

A malfunction of the immune control centres is not always caused by a material toxin, stress plays a big role in many cases!

Perfect management of the immune system is the foundation of health and a long life. The Marion preparations and the Marion body hygiene instrument can replace an otherwise rare quirk of nature - a quirk that allows for a long, disease-free life.