Since the 2nd of April you can now watch Marion's educational videos on detoxification and immunoactivation.

Last year, we realized that the current collection of Marion products is so exceptional with its new internal program conception and resulting functionality that it will be very necessary to reformulate the basic criteria of detoxification and immunoactivation according to MUDr. Josef Jonáš in the future. Active therapists who work with Marion preparations feel a strong need to be acquainted with the simple and functional procedures of using Marion preparations. Thanks to the small number of preparations and their interconnectedness, we are not satisfied with the information and knowledge we have acquired so far, we also need a clear explanation and guidance from the author of the method, Dr. Jonáš himself. The explanation is very clear and easy to understand. Since October 2019, we have been filming and subsequently processing this lecture series, having completed 14 consecutive parts so far, and are preparing the next ones so as to create a comprehensive and comprehensible work explaining the process of detoxification and immunoactivation in all contexts relevant for practice. Individual episodes of the series will be available with English, German and Polish subtitles. 

The presentation starts with the publication of the first four parts, with further parts to follow after each week, i.e. at least one every week. We will post the links to each episode in the "Education" section.