Crisis as an Opportunity

There are many people among us who, unlike most, do not think about what is happening today, but would like to know what their life will be like "after that". One thing is certain, among the losers will be the current consumerist lifestyle and the immunity of the population impaired by undue stress. There is no need to discuss the close links between existential worries, the mental state, the sense of responsibility for loved ones and health. We are almost certain that among the people whose professional careers, with all their social consequences, will suddenly disappear under their hands, there will be many people with a lot of experience in the area of working in large corporations, foreign companies, and also in so far very prosperous Czech companies in all areas. Thanks to such a sudden and violent interruption of their lives, these people will have to deal with the basic question "How to go on?"; they will consider whether their work so far has been meaningful, generally useful and whether it has filled them with a sense of satisfaction. In this analysis, many will come to the conclusion that they would not like to go back to 'the same tracks' and will think about self-fulfilment with a higher personal and social added value. In this context, we would like to offer all those who are in favour of a healthy lifestyle and personal responsibility for their health the opportunity to retrain under our guidance as detoxification counsellors using the Marion method of Dr. Jonáš. Everything is ready, there is no need to be afraid of this new role in life, as the method is an easy to understand guide to ensure a higher immunity and a better psychological well-being in the population in the future and to reduce the omnipresent feeling of threat that comes from the fear of illness. If this article arouses your curiosity and interest, please do not hesitate to contact us with confidence. We are ready to welcome you as a colleague in a friendly and professional manner and to equip you with all the information you need to become a true professional in this field that is new to many people.

Ing. Evžen Peleška